The iPhone 5

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iphone5Having seen itself dethroned from the crown of the smartphone industry by Samsung quite recently, Apple knew it had to make drastic and innovative changes to its iPhone series if it has to compete in an industry so competitive. Apple had realized that while it used to be the automatic choice for many avid iPhone lovers across the world, the ground under its feet was shifting and it was time it did something about it. In such circumstances, the iPhone 5 was thrown into the battlefield. Here we assess the new iPhone, which came in direct competition with the phone dubbed as the iPhone killer, the Samsung Galaxy S3.


With their first and last major design change dating back to the transition from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, this becomes the second time that Apple has played with the design of its iPhone series. The first thing you will notice about this phone is its height, towering at 4.87 inches. With increased height, it is also slimmed down at 7.6mm. Coming to the make of the phone, we find ourselves touching an aluminum body, which makes the phone extremely attractive.  It comes in two color combinations – black and slate, or white and silver. If you turn around the phone, you will see that there is anodized aluminum in between the glass.


The increase in the height accompanies an increase in the size, marking the first time Apple left its 3.5 inch screens for a 4 inch one. With a 1136×640 326 ppi Retina screen, there is more than just the size increase. This screen allows for amazing details, color contrasts, and sharpness. As a cherry on the top, Apple’s integrated touch technology can be credited for ensuring that the pixels on the screen serve as touch-sensitive digitizers, which is the secret behind the ultra-slimness of the phone.


Apple powers its masterpiece phone with a 1.3 dual-core A6 processor, with 1GB RAM. While most of us were waiting for a quad-core processor in the iPhone series, Apple thought otherwise. This became somewhat of a disappointment and a major talking point. However, Apple was quick to reply, claiming its latest work of genius is twice as fast as its predecessor. If you are interested in the quad-core/dual-core battle, you will miss out on a smartphone experience like never before. Apple’s dual-core processor is the one to reckon with, offering absolutely unparalleled smoothness, and taking the smartphone experience to new heights.


Without any major change in this department, Apple packs the iPhone 5 with an 8 MP camera, with 1080p video recording capability. But does that mean you will find yourself with the same quality images? No. While Apple did not add to the number of pixels, the enhancement in the quality of images is fairly apparent, allowing for much richer, sharper, and detailed results. To add to the charm, there are additional features like HDR, panorama mode, better video stabilization and the ability to take photos while recording a video. At the same time, the front camera sees itself being promoted to 1.3 MP, allowing HD FaceTime for the first time.


It is fueled 1440mAh battery. While this is not the feature that caught my eye, or anyone’s eye for that matter, the collaboration of this battery with the new A6 processor does translate into better battery life, and is thus, worth the mention.


This marks the first time the iPhone series finally incorporated the much-awaited 4G technology. Your ultra-fast phone just got faster, with speed touching up to 100 Mbps.


From a distance, I thought that the iPhone 5 was nothing but a hardware enhancement from its predecessor. However, a closer look at this phone acquainted me with the fact that there is more to this phone than meets the eye. Not only does this phone look good, but it also has an amazing screen, along with a speed that is still quite unmatched. No wonder Apple recorded over 2 million orders in the first 24 hours, making the iPhone 5 the fastest selling iPhone ever, selling, according to the American manufacturer, 20 times faster than its predecessors, iPhone 4 and 4S.

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