Galaxy Note 2

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samsung-galaxy-note-2_1346316413Before the introduction of the Note series, there were doubts as to whether or not it is pragmatic to introduce a phone so big. However, after the successful introduction of the Note, Samsung knew it had a market, but to come up with something even bigger was still something to get used to. For me, using the Note was a unique experience and contrary to popular opinion, it did not bother me much. However, to hear about a phone that would eclipse the size of its already gigantic predecessor was a bit surprising, yet exciting. Here, we take a look at this gigantic phone, and assess whether it is worth the effort it requires to carry it around.


While its predecessor came with a squarer look, the new Galaxy Note 2 has rounded edges, which makes it look like an enlarged Galaxy S3 in many ways. The size is both, its USP and its weakness, depending on the person in context. The phone seems quite compact to hold, and does not encumber you when it is in your pocket. However, to the surprise of many, Samsung has stood by its polycarbonate bodies. However, Samsung deserves Kudos for flaunting such plastic bodies without any traces of flimsiness.


Considering the hoard of different features this phone comes with, it only makes sense to put a powerhouse at the heart of this phone, and the Korean manufacturer does just that, equipping it with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor. This made it the fastest phone, at the time of its release. With a 2GB RAM and up to 64GB built-in internal storage, this phone is an absolute workhorse, which refuses to be daunted by the heaviest of usage. It does not matter how many apps you have opened or how long the phone is turned on for, your Note 2 will keep on going and going and going. Try it for yourself.


It is equipped with a HD Super AMOLED 5.5 inch display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This means that not only is the screen amazingly big, but also sharp, and perfectly contrasted. Given the mighty size of the screen, you will find it interesting how this phone can replace your TV and laptop, becoming the perfect platform for playing games, watching videos, and just about everything.


As I expected from a new Samsung device, the phone comes with an 8 megapixel camera, along with features like LED flash, digital zoom, and shots like panorama and smile shot. The photos come out with adequate color contrasts, with a sense of unique life-like feeling. Since the screen is so big, you should not worry as to how the pictures would look on your computer. In addition, the camera allows video recording to be done at 1080 HD quality. I was fairly complacent with the camera quality, but still hope to see further modes and other features in the new Android update.


One of the primary selling points of the Note series is its pressure-sensitive stylus, named the S-Pen. It does not just act as the device that allows you to write on the screen, as it comes with a hoard of different functionalities. For instance, a simple double tap opens the S-Note application, while pushing the button down and putting the phone on the screen captures a screenshot. This is how Samsung takes your smartphone experience to new levels.


With a phone so big, Samsung ensures that the charm is not affected by the battery life, and consequently, it puts in a huge 3,100mAh battery. The mere size of the battery is equal to that of an iPhone screen. Need I say more?


Having used this phone for quite some time, I admit that carrying it around takes some effort, although it is far from being problematic. However, what this phone offers in one place is something that is beyond compare. This phone is an absolute goliath and is one of the most unique and amazing phones in the market today. If size is not a problem for you, there is barely any phone that you will love as much as the Note 2. Finally if you like this review you may check out MobilePhoneOffers101 to get this smartphone for yourself.

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